1. Login to https://developer.paypal.com/developer/applications.
  2. Under “REST Apps”, create a new app, called “Paperform”. You will be giving access to your Paperform account by this REST app.
  3. After the app has been created, you’ll be redirected to the Sandbox details of the app. In your Paperform account settings under https://paperform.co/account/integrations, click the “Add PayPal Account” button and enter in the Sandbox details as a connection. You can use the sandbox account for testing purposes (it won’t process live payments).
  4. After you have added the Sandbox account, add the live credentials to your Paperform account in the same way as step 3, except press the “Live” button on the PayPal devoloper page, and when adding Production credentials, choose “No” to the question “Are these Sandbox details?”.
  5. After you have connected your PayPal accounts, you can then use them to take payments in forms by going to “Configure > Payments” in the editor of any of your forms and selecting the appropriate payment source from the list.

Note that Paperform forms do not support using PayPal for subscriptions. If you would like Subscriptions, please use Braintree or Stripe.

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