The Paperform form builder gives you a lot of control over how your form looks and behaves.

Using the theme section, you can customize text font, weight, size, color, headings, background images and more, as well as change the general styling of questions and other UI elements, and even add custom CSS.

You can access the form’s “Theme” in the top bar of the form editor. The theme configuration is broken into 4 sections.

1. Theme Settings
Theme settings gives you quick access to commonly used theme defaults. You can set default fonts and colors, as well as import the theme from other forms on Pro and Agency.

2. Typography
Typography gives you fine grained control over the font, sizing, line heights and coloring of text on the form. On Pro and Agency, you can also add your own text styles, which can then be applied anywhere you would like on the form.

3. UI Elements
UI Elements gives you specific style controls over different elements of the UI, from the background to the submit button. Agency users can also add custom CSS to their forms here.

4. Translations
Just about all of the language that is used in the form can be customized using translations. Translations can be shared among forms, and can also be edited in the account settings.

Features available on Pro & Agency:

  • Import existing Theme styles
  • Custom Styles (create a custom font style and apply it to any text to make sentences or words pop)
  • Customize Submit button UI styling
  • Customize Page button UI styling

Features available on Agency only:

  • Custom CSS

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