Subscriptions can be created on Paperform using Braintree or Stripe.

If you haven't connected either of those accounts to Paperform, you'll need to do that first. You can connect a payment account by adding them under Account Services.

You'll need to create a plan as desired on your preferred platform. For Braintree, check out the docs. For Stripe, take a look at their docs.

Adding a subscription to your form

Make sure that your desired payment account is selected under Configure > Payments in the form editor.

  1. Add a new question and select Subscriptions for its type.
  2. In the question's configuration (click the gear icon), you will see a list of available plans. Select the desired plan to move it over to the Selected Plans section.
  3. (optional) Toggle Can choose more than one subscription on if you would like the respondent to be able to subscribe to more than one plan in a single submission.
  4. Test your form.

Additionally, check out the options available to you in Configure > Payments to customize options such as payment methods and subscription-specific settings like free trial periods, tax, and incomplete payments (required for 3D Secure).

You can create subscriptions on Paperform with Stripe and Braintree.

Installment plans or fixed-period subscriptions

You may wish to allow for a recurring payment that expires after a set period of time. Stripe does not allow this sort of subscription, but Braintree does.

When creating a plan in Braintree, you can specify the billing cycle length and the number of billing cycles.

So, as an example, suppose you wish to charge someone monthly for a period of four (4) months. You would set up a plan in Braintree with the billing cycle length set to one (1) month and the number of billing cycles set to four (4).

Why might I want this?
Installment plans are good for things like subscribing to an online course that has a set length or paying something off over time in equal monthly installments (hence, the name "installment plan").

When testing a Stripe account, make sure you either note which mode you set up your plan(s) in or set them up in both the "live" and "test data" modes.

Plans created in a given mode are unique that mode. So, if you created a plan in "live" mode but used the "test" account on your form when testing, the plan won't show up for your subscription question.

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