Creating T&Cs is easy with Paperform forms. You can create a form solely dedicated to this (like the T&Cs form template you’ll see in the templates which will save you time), or you can create one that’s part of a more detailed form. Here’s how:

  1. Add a question field on your form
  2. Make the question type ‘Multiple Choice’
  3. Title the question T&Cs or whatever you prefer. You can also enter the T&Cs themselves into either the question title, question description text, or even just have it as free text leading up to the question field. You may prefer to link to the T&Cs if you don’t want them on the form at all.
  4. Go to Configure to the right of the question field
  5. Make sure the question is required
  6. Type in only one choice and make it something like “I have read and agree to the terms” or “I confirm”. (whatever you need)
  7. View your form, and you’re all set!
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