With Paperform forms’s in-built email responses, you are able to configure email responses to send when a form is filled out.

Emails can be sent to anyone - the Paperform account owner, the person submitting the form, and any other email addreses you’d like to include.

If the intended receiver can’t find the email in their inbox, usually it’s because the email is being sent to spam. Ask the receiver to check their spam, social, promotions, or other areas of their inbox.

If the email still can’t be found, double check the email address entered is correct. Including a confirmation of email address for your email field in your form is a great idea. Just go to configure to the right of the email field, and then select “Require users to confirm the email address”.

Also check your logic - if you have a series of conditions set with ‘AND’ in between, it means the email won’t send unless every single one of these conditions are met.

Note that there is a 15 email limit to the “To”, “CC”, and “BCC” fields. You will be able to enter more than 15 addresses, but if you enter more than 15 the email response will not work. If one of your email addresses is an inserted field from the form, don’t worry, everyone who fills in this field will receive the email (no matter how many people fill in the form).

If the emails still aren’t being received, then let us know at support@paperform.co.

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