With Paperform forms, you can insert e-signature fields anywhere in your forms. This feature is available on Pro and Agency only.

Our e-signature field will require the user to sign either by drawing with touch screen or with the curser, depending on the device being used.

To add an e-signature to your form, simply:

  1. Click on the line you want to insert the signature into
  2. Select the insert question field icon to the left of the line
  3. Then select ‘Signature’ as the question type from the dropdown selection

This question type is required by default, so if you’d like to not make it required, or to set conditional logic, go to Configure to the right of the field to change these settings.

Each country has different requirements for valid e-signatures - please make sure you check the requirements for your country, or seek legal advice if you’re unsure.

Note on file uploads
When a file is uploaded to Paperform, it is given a unique, unguessable public URL so that anyone who has been given that URL will be able to access that file. This is necessary to be able to easily upload files to other services, or share files uploaded with people who are not a user of your Paperform account.

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