At Paperform™, we love chatting to you directly! Support is the #1 priority for us, and we genuinely care about how we can help you achieve your goals (what’s the point if it doesn’t?!).

Our team is based in Sydney, Australia, which means that while we can live chat most of the time, we do have to get a little sleep ;)

If you’re based in the USA, that means we might take a few hours to get back to you between your 8am - 1pm (approx). If we can’t live chat, we’ll have an automated message to let you know so that we don’t leave you hanging, and we will get back to your no later than 5 hours after you contact us (usually it’s much sooner!).

There are two ways you can get in contact with us:

  • you’ll see a speech bubble icon on the bottom right corner of all your Paperform pages. Click on this is chat directly (or leave a message if after hours)
  • send us an email at

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