There are over 20 fields available with Paperform forms. We’ve summarized them below — click on a field type to learn more about it.

Question Types

Text: allow your users to enter in free-text as a response

Email: capture & confirm your audience’s email address

URL: capture valid URLs

Yes/No: ask your audience to answer either yes or no

Color Picker: Experiment to find the perfect color, find colors by hex code, and restrict colors to specified swatches only.

Number: request a numerical response (whole or fraction)

Phone Number: request a phone number

Address: ask for your audiences' address, using auto complete if it's supported by their browser

Country: ask your audience to choose a country from a list of valid choices

Appointment: Take appointments and optionally connect to your Google Calendar.

Date: ask your audience to enter a valid date using a standardized format

Time: ask your audience for an exact time

Scale: ask your audience to choose on a scale of X to X

Multiple Choice: request your users to choose one or more of your options, text and/or images!

Dropdown: ask your audience to make a single choice from your dropdown options

Image Upload: have your users upload an image

File Upload: have your users upload a file

Signature: require your customers to sign their mark electronically

Price: add a simple payment field, or take a donation / pay what you want

Product: add products for purchase and and use detailed product info (like images)

Subscription: integrate Stripe & Braintree subscriptions/recurring payments as a payment field

Calculation: Unlock additional power from your forms by performing more complex calculations.

Hidden: pre-fill answers from the URL and don’t show them to the submtter.

Learn how to add a field to your form.

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