Yes, you sure can! Use pop-up buttons your pages / sites - when clicked, your form will pop up as a window within the page. Use the script provided to add the button element to your page, and add your own HTML to style as you like.

To add a form as a pop-up button to your site:

  1. When your form is ready, in the form editor go to Share > Embed
  2. Then scroll down to the ‘Popup’ section
  3. Follow the guide in this section, and copy and paste the script to your page

Popups can be put on any element on your website that you like! Just add the attributes data-paperform-id=“my-form-name” and data-popup-button=“1” to make any element show your form when it is clicked.

For even finer control you can also trigger the popup programmatically by including the embed JavaScript <script src=""></script> and calling the function Paperform.popup('my-form-name').

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