While don't currently support the option for a customer to chose either an immediate payment or a delayed order/quote via the one form, you can achieve this with a flow that involves three forms. You will need a Pro or Agency account to achieve this.

This may actually be beneficial to you in some ways, as all of the manual/bank-transfer payments will then all be listed on the same form's results, making it easier for you to distinguish who has or hasn't paid. Here's how it's done:

  1. Create an initial form that simply asks what payment method they would prefer to use. 
  2. Then make two versions of the payment/product form, setting up one to take direct payment with Stripe, Braintree, or PayPal Business, and the other to be in "no payment" mode.
  3. Then go back to the first form's "After Submission" > "Dynamic Success Pages" and then create a page with a conditional redirect for the two payment/product forms: one that directs to the immediate payment form if they select that option, and the other which directs to the non-payment / manual payment form. 
  4. You may also like to send all/some of the data from the three forms to the one Google Sheet using Zapier. That way you can have all the data in one place.
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