While we don't currently support a super quick way to include regular form text (not question and answer text) in an Email Response submission summary (like when you want to include a contract/agreement), there is a work around! We're looking into a better way to support this, but in the meantime here's what you can do. You'll need a Pro or Agency account to achieve this.

  1. In the form editor, create a field/question where you would like the text to appear in the summary, right after the text appears on the body of the form. If this is for an agreement/contract, ensure that your "agreement" T&Cs checkbox or signature are positioned after this field. So the order will be i) the agreement text on the form, ii) the Hidden field, iii) the T&Cs checkbox and/or signature.
  2. Set the field to be a 'Hidden' field type, and title it "Contract" or "T&Cs" or whatever you like. We're going to treat the text/contract/agreement as a question so that the system puts it in the summary, but without messing up the beautiful look of your form. 
  3. Go to 'Configure' to the right of the field. Copy and paste your contract text into the 'Default answer'. You won't see the entire text of the contract appear in the default answer as it will get cut off, but don't worry, it's all there :) The agreement will appear as one big paragraph in the submission summary. If you want to break it down into sections or paragraphs, then create a Hidden field for each paragraph/section, and make the titles the sections/paragraphs the question titles and the default answers the relevant content.
  4. Remember that this is a Hidden field. If you want the respondent to view the entire contract on the form itself, you'll also need to include the contract text on the form in addition to the hidden field. 
  5. Submit a test submission to make sure it's all set up ok!

We'll be looking into better support for this in the future, but in the meantime the work around is a good alternative.

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