Paperform directly integrates with Zoho CRM so that you can easily add and update leads, contacts and more in Zoho CRM from your form submissions.

How do I connect Zoho CRM to my form?

To connect Zoho CRM to your form, simply do the following:

  1. Go to the form editor of the form you would like to connect.

2. In the top navigation, go to After Submissions > Integrations & Webhooks

3. Click on the Zoho CRM icon in the list of available Direct Integrations, and choose from the available actions. This will load the integration setup screen.

4. Click the "Add Account" button to connect your Zoho CRM account to Paperform.

5. Once you have a connected account, follow the prompts to finish setting up the integration.

To the right of text boxes under "Fields", you can choose questions from the form to pipe into the integration setup. The tags that are inserted will be replaced with the answers from the form every time it is submitted.

Optionally, test your setup by clicking the "Send Test" button. This will use the latest submission of the form. If you would only like to sometimes trigger this integration, you can turn on conditional logic and add conditions that must be met for this integration to be triggered.

After you have setup the integration, click the "Finish Setup" button to turn on the integration. When the integration is live, you will be able to see it, toggle it on/off and edit from the Integrations & Webhooks page.

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