With the Intercom direct integration, you can take several actions automatically when your forms are submitted, including:

  • Manage users, leads, companies and tags.
  • Create new conversations in intercom on behalf of a user or lead
  • Create an event on a user or lead

How do I connect Intercom to my form?

To connect Intercom to your form, simply do the following:

1. Go to the form editor of the form you would like to connect.
2. In the top navigation, go to After Submissions > Integrations & Webhooks

3. Click on the Intercom icon in the list of available Direct Integrations, and choose the available action (e.g. create or update a lead). This will load the integration setup screen.

4. Click the "Add Account" button and follow the prompts to connect your Intercom account to Paperform.

5. Once you have a connected account, follow the prompts to finish setting up the integration.

What is Paperform?

Paperform is a web platform that enables anyone to create beautiful online forms, payment or product pages, quickly and intuitively, without any technical knowledge. 

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