This feature is available on Pro and Agency plans.

If you want to give respondents a way to pick a color, there's now a way to do that in the form itself. The most obvious choice for this would be anything that relates to design and requires that certain colors are used.

Selecting a color

Hue (color) — The vertical bar of color on the right edge is used to select your actual color.

The large area of the color picker controls the saturation and brightness of the hue.

Saturation (amount of grey) — Controls the purity of the color, representing how much grey you want in it, with more grey in your color the farther left you go in the color picker.

Brightness (lightness or darkness) — Controls the lightness and darkness in the color, with more light as you move farther up and less light as you move farther down in the color picker.

If none of that makes sense, that's okay, too! You can just play around with the color picker and find some colors that suit you.

What you see in the editor

Default answer — Choose the default color shown in the live form
Swatches — Define specific colors for quick and easy selection
Allow swatches only — Restrict respondents to only the colors you want

To manage swatches, click on any swatch (the colored box above the color picker) to delete it. Additionally, pick a new color using the color picker or enter a hex color code and add a new swatch.

What the respondent sees

If you haven't allowed swatches only, a respondent can still pick a color by using the color picker or entering a hex color code.

If you allow swatches only, your respondent will instead see this:

You can mix and match settings and stack color pickers side-by-side. For example, say you have a base color where you only want to allow certain colors and then you have some accents that are not restrictive.

That might look something like:

The possibilities are nearly endless.
(Really, there are 16,777,216 possible color combinations.)

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