A payment gateway is, to put it simply, a place to accept payment details for a customer, such as debit or credit card information.

To take payments on your form, you have to capture payment details, process them, and manage the transfer of funds. We support a variety of payment gateways that make this process seamless, worry-free, and secure.

Namely, we support:

  • Braintree
  • PayPal Business
  • Stripe
  • Square

We may elect to support other gateways in the future, but for now, all debit or credit card numbers must go through one of these payment gateways to be utilized in conjunction with our forms.

Using these gateways, we do not capture nor store the full payment credentials (including credit card number) of your customers. This helps mitigate risk and keep your transactions as secure as the gateway that you use.

Note: We do not charge any fees for using any of the supported payment gateways. The gateways will, however, charge fees. The respective pricing page for each gateway will be linked below in their corresponding section.

Gateway comparison

All links to pricing may be set to U.S. pricing. Verify the correct pricing for your country and/or region before making decisions about which gateway to use.


Braintree is a PayPal subsidiary and, as such, actually requires that you have a PayPal Business account to use.

View their pricing and learn how to set it up on your form.

One notable feature of Braintree is the ability to set up instalment plans. While both Braintree and Stripe offer recurring payments, Braintree is the only gateway we currently support that offers recurring payments for a set duration rather than indefinitely.

Supported payment methods

  • PayPal (no fees from Braintree, charges PayPal fees instead)
  • Credit card

PayPal Business

PayPal is among the best known gateways, and as such, lends a certain familiarity.

View pricing and learn how to set it up on your form.

Supported payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Credit card


Stripe has a really nice UI, allows subscriptions, and has incredible help documentation.

View their pricing and learn how to set it up on your form.

We have the most options with Stripe when it comes to payment methods, as well, including 3D Secure.

Supported payment methods

  • Credit card
  • Google Pay
  • Alipay
  • Bancontact
  • EPS
  • Giropay
  • iDEAL
  • Przelewy24

Note: Subscriptions can be paid for using credit card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. The other payment methods are "single-use" and cannot be used for recurring charges.


Square allows for web payments and in-person payments through their Point-of-Sale application. For Point-of-Sale payments, the form and application must be running on the same device.

View their pricing (web or in-person) and learn how to set it up on your form.

Supported payment methods

That's a quick overview of what a payment gateway is, which gateways are available, and the features and payment methods associated with each gateway.

From here, it's really up to preference. Maybe you prefer certain pricing, need instalment plans, or already have an account with one of the gateways.

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